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 CCTV Power Supply >> Integrated Power Supply >> CCTV integrated power supplies PK2418-10A
Product Id:10271645816
Product Name:CCTV integrated power supplies PK2418-10A
Product Memo:AC 24V 10A 240W,PTC Fuse
Product Class:CCTV Power Supply
    Product Content
  Description for PK2418-10A:
  Input Voltage:AC 220V(110V) 
  Input Voltage:Frequency 50/60Hz
  Output Voltage:AC 24V
  Total Output Current:10A
  Total Outputs:81  Fuse Type:PTC (Resetable)
  Fuse Rating:1.1A
  Fullload average current:0.56A
  General Protection:each output has individual PTC fuse and LED indicator, when problem  occurs, only affect the individual output, other outputs still working.
Circuit Short Protection:when short condition occurs, individual PTC fuse will open the circuit,when condition removed, PTC fuse will automatically back to close.
High Voltage Protection:when high voltage occurs, the surge protection  will be hit through to protect the connected device.
  Over Current protection:when over current occurs, the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status, when condition removed, then switch back to normal.
warranty :1 year warranty.
  CCTV Camera, PTZ, IR Illuminators, Video Process Equipment, etc. Access Control  Reader, Lock, Panel, etc.
  Cabinet Dimension:24.5 x 21 x 8.7
  Packing Dimension:25 x 21.4 x 9.7
  Net Weight:3.2kg
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