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  LCD Monitor PKLM35001
Product Name:LCD Monitor PKLM35001
Product S/N:1414522216
Specification:3.5 inch CCTV monitor LCD screen
Product Feature:
Product Class:Monitor
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

3.5-inch LCD monitor;
Display size:75mm*56mm(3.5inch);
Display resolution:320(w)*240(H);
Standard:PAL/NTSC(automatically convert);
Power supply:DC4.5 to 12V 6W;
Incoming signal:one channel video(yellow channel);
Incoming power:Two channel input red&white channel;
Typical usage Scenario:Can be used as rearview mirror in the automobile,or display device in the monitoring system.Input voltage range is  between 4.5 to 12V.Digital LCD displays high pixel and beautiful color.

 LCD monitor;
car LCD monitor.

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