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  Infrared light board PKILB-8050A
Product Name:Infrared light board PKILB-8050A
Product S/N:122523375216
Specification:96 leds
Product Feature:
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description

Infrared light board PKILB-8050A
*using the most advance infrared LED;
*Long life,low maintenance costs;
*Tripod,head,universal joints and other installation;
*Indoor/Outdoor sealing design;
*Embedded light control switch;
*mainly used for indoor or outdoor.
*The actual distance depends on the environments and the performance of the camera and lens.

Technical specification
LED:∮10mm led
LED quantity:96 PCS
IR angle:15-45
IR distance:1000m
Operating voltage:DC 12V
Day&night:automatic light control
net weight:1kg
plug type:GB
installation bracket:universal U-bracket
suitable temperature:-50℃ to +50℃
waterproof class:IP65
shield:molded cast aluminum housing
Panel:Glass panel;
Gross weight:1.2kg

1:the choice of camera;
   IR camera (include IR lens)
2:relation between IR illuminator and lens of camera;
   the factor of the lens of cmera in relation to the IR illuminator including the following
   a:luminous flux of lens;
   b:angle of the lens and IR illuminator;
3:solution as follows
   a:To choice the lens with less F-Ratio this has biggish luminious flux
   b:how to choose the best angle of lens suit with IR illuminator;
   c:make sure the distance between IR camera and object;
   d:to use the lens that suits the distance;
   e:choice the IR illuminator which can cover the whole range;

1:adjustment of auto Iris lens;
   Auto iris lens has DC and CIDEO drive mode,to adjust the ALC to be exactly fit for the IR illuminator is very important,otherwise the illuminate distance will be affected greatly;
2:The deviation angle of mounting should be within two degrees;
3:operating temperature should between:-50℃ to +50℃
4:half way of the illuminate distance of IR illuminator is optimum distance;
5:use under the voltage rating of every product;
6:IR illuminators needs to debug before using which in relatons to teh camera and other equipments,please select with help of local salesman or technical staff.


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