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  PK232 to 485 DATA converter RS232 to RS485
Product Name:PK232 to 485 DATA converter RS232 to RS485
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    Product Description

PK232/485 is a data converter,it can transfer the RS232 to RS485.
1:Product  introduction
Bi-direction connectors conver of RS232 to RS485 converter is mainly used between main controllers.End to end and end to ends remote telecommunication internet is constructed between the main controller and signal panel machine to realise multi-machine recall telecommunication,which is mainly used in industrial automatic control system,one card universal system, access controller system, car parking system, self-served banking system, bus charging system, restaurant system, personal attendance system and road charging system.
    RS232 to RS 485 converter can transfer the TXD siganls of RS232 serial port parallel half duplex RS-485 sigal.No need the go through the power ,it can get the electricity from the 3 pin of RS-232 interface and at the same time,after 7 pin's requirement of sending RTS,4 pin data terminal prepares DTR to help supplying RS232 to RS485.automatically process control make you need to reset and make a easy application of the hardware and software installation.

1:serail port feature:concurrently compatible with RS-232 ,RS-485 standard of EIA/TIA;
2:eletric interface:DB9 hole interface of RS-232 end,DB9 pin connector of RS-485 end;
3:work methods:asynchronous half duplex;
4:transmission media:common wire ,double wire or UTP or shielding line;
5:transmission speed:300~115-21DBS;
6:transmission distance:5 meters(RS-232 end) 1200 meters (RS-485 end);
7:telecommunication agreement:transparent;
8:working environment:-10 to 85 C degree,relative humidity:5% to 95%;
9:signal:RS-232:TXD ,RXD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, CND; RS-485:DATE+,DATA-,GND


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