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  IR Camera focus adjustable PKC-D47
Product Name:IR Camera focus adjustable PKC-D47
Product S/N:120525269
Specification:IR Camera focus adjustable PKC-D46
Product Feature:IR Camera focus adjustable PKC-D47
Product Class:09.Camera
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    Product Description

●TYPE:75 out focus adjustment
●DIMENSION:75 model
●Lens:4MM-9MM(focus adjust)
●IR:36PCS F5 lights
1/4"CMOS  420TVL line PC1030N,CCD  
1/4"SHARP 420TVL line 2421+38603,sony DSP and sony CCD 60mA low current 1/3"SONY  420TVL line 329+3142  sony DSP and LG CCD    
1/3"SONY  420TVL line 2322+3142 sony DSP and sharp CCD    
1/3"SONY  420TVL line 405+3142,sony DSP and sony CCD  
1/3"SONY  480TVL line 633+3172,High line  
1/3"SONY  540TVL line 639+3172,HD  
1/3"SONY  600TVL line 639+2040,High line with OSD menu  
1/3"SONY  650TVL line 673+4127,High line with OSD menu 

IR distance 30M 

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