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  sound pickup PK-SP-300
Product Name:sound pickup PK-SP-300
Product S/N:120309108
Specification:sound pickup
Product Feature:high sensitivity,clear and natural sound,high fidelity
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description
PK-SP-300 High Sensitive Hi-Fi Passive Sound Pickup Description
Highly sensitive passive sound pickup for network cameras
    PK-SP-300 is a high sensitivity,high fidelity,disc type,pinhole passive, noise reduction sound pickup, it is our company's latest researched and developed sound pickup products.We adopts advanced speech integrated circuit for the internal structure,and also use noise reduction design.It has characteristics of high sensitivity,clear and natural sound,high fidelity and far distance transmission.The maximum listening range can reach 100 square meters.It adopts unique noise reduction design,can effectively filter out ambient noise.The sound is also processed by pitch,keeps the rich treble,makes the playback more realistic.The product is in the domestic leading level, and has applied for national patents.It is widely used in banking, prisons, public security, justice, inspection and other state department for the IP network recording system.
1:The detailed product description:
⊙ passive series sound pickup is designed for indoor network synchronization monitoring recording, it is assembed by the original imported components.
⊙It adopts solid, durable and beautiful aluminum alloy shell.It has bullet-type concealed design.It is  suitable concealed installation,such as the prison.
⊙ It has excellent moistureproof,dustproof performance.It can work normally in humid or wet environment. It is in line with IP 65 standards.
⊙ The large diaphragm silver-plated microphone is imported from Japan.The listening range is:10 to 100 square meters.It has the characteristics of high-fidelity, high sensitivity, high bandwidth and low noise.
⊙ It has the characteristics of high fidelity, high sensitivity, high bandwidth and low noise.It has the built-in highly efficient exciter.It is the perfect combination of  fashion and technology.
⊙ The passive sound pickup has built-in lightning protection and polarity reversal protection module,it also has shield ground processing function.
⊙It is used for synchronization monitoring recording at wide range of environment:safe city law enforcement, squares, streets, government or other outdoor place.
⊙ It adopts long distance audio signal transmission technology, it used  RVVP3 × 0.5 mm2 shielded cable transmission,can reach 200 meters without distortion.
⊙It can works at -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃  environmental, can ensure high-quality back-end recording effect.
 2:The performance parameters:

Listening range
10~100sqaure meters(depend on the camera)
-42DB   1000 HZ 
Frequency Range
20~20k HZ
Output impedance
Signal to noise ratio
Processing circuit
Filter circuit, noise reduction circuit
MICMicrophone head
Import large diaphragm anti - interference omni - directional microphone
Power supply characteristics
voltage range
 2.5~8V DC
Operating temperature
-10° ~  +70°
Shell color
Silver high strength aluminum alloy plating
Diameter 30mm * 23mm round
3.5 headphone connector

A:Refer to the above description for the sound pickup connection. 
B:We recommend to use the manner of closing to the network equipment during the installation,It can ensure adequate signal transmission.
C:The location of the sound pickup should be close to the sound source.And  it is better to install sound pickup at top center of the room than the  corner.
D:In order to avoid burning the product,you must ensure that the signal cable corresponds to the camera interface before  turning on the camera audio function.
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