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  CCTV Tester CTA001
Product Name:CCTV Tester CTA001
Product S/N:120314235
Specification:CCTV Tester
Product Feature:CCTV Tester CTA001
Product Class:99.CCTV Accessories
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    Product Description

CCTV Tester CTA001 Plus
 RJ45 cable TDR test, cable quality test
 H.265/H.264, 4K video display via
 Dual window test, IP &Analog camera test
 Built in WIFI, create WIFI hotspot
 HDMI input and output,support1080p
 IP discovery , shortcut button, drop-down
 DC12V 2A, DC48V PoE power output
 Rapid ONVIF, auto view video and create
 Quick office(excel ,word ,PPT format ) doc.
 UTP cable tester
 TesterPlay: Tester, android version mobile
phone, PC display at the same time

CCTV Tester CTA001 AHD Plus

CCTV Tester CTA001 AHDS Plus

CCTV Tester CTA001 MOVT plus
CTA001 plus+Cable tracer+Digital
Multimeter+Optical power meter+Visual fault
locator+TDR+Video level meter

CCTV Tester CTA001 MOVTADHS plus
All function

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