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  Intelligent Inverter PK-4900B
Product Name:Intelligent Inverter PK-4900B
Product S/N:12823353526
Specification:Intelligent Inverter PK-4900B
Product Feature:Intelligent Inverter PK-4900B
Product Class:06.Intelligent Inverter
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    Product Description

Model: PK-4900B (1500W)
Housing material/color: aluminum/blue
Input voltage: DC12V (10.5-14.5V)/DC24V (19-32V)
Output voltage: AC220V/AC110V±8%
Peak power: 1800W
Continuous power: 900W
Output frequency: 50HZ or 60HZ
USB output: 5V 2.4A+1A+2.4A+1A
Conversion efficiency:>85%
Protection circuit: low voltage protection, overload protection, input input over voltage protection, overheat protection, surge protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection
Size (l * w * h): 230*100*55MM
Net weight: 1.1KG gross weight: 1.35KG
Cooling method: fan
Packaging/Accessories: gift box cigar line + clip cord
FCL quantity/weight: 20PCS/29KG
Packing size (l * w * h): 64*37*39CM
Minimum order quantity: 20

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