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  PK-POS401GR-OT Outdoor 4-port PoE Switch
Product Name:PK-POS401GR-OT Outdoor 4-port PoE Switch
Product S/N:21516311534
Specification:Outdoor 4-port PoE Switch
Product Feature:Outdoor 4-port PoE Switch
Product Class:02.POE(Power Over Ethernet)
Quality Rank:
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    Product Description

Product Features

1. 1 LAN+3 PoE ports PoE Switch 

PK-POS401GR-OT has 5 ports in totall, 1 AC, 1 LAN and 3 PoE port, it is compliance with IEEE802.3af/at standard and will detect terminal devices before power.


2. Wide temperature solutions

PT-POS401GR-OT works temperature range from -40℃ to 65℃, that makes it meet harsh environment requirements.


3.Lightning Protection

6KV(10/700μs) surge protection on AC, LAN and PoE ports, to protect inner components and indoor devices from lightning damage.


4.Easy to install

To solve installation difficulties in construction site, we design outdoor switch need to open unin when install. Just make cables go through female connector, then add RJ45 connector and fix them on male connectors. In addition, that help to cut cable lenght as requests.


PK-POS401GR-OT is a 4-port PoE switch with waterproof metal casing. It has sealing gasket inside which passed extension, bearing, corrosion, aging test. 4 ports includ 1 LAN port and 3 PoE output ports with 6KV (10/700us) surge protection, each PoE output port provides 55Vdc, 0.55A power for remote PDs. It supports 10/100/1000Mbps of data speed. It is compliant with IEEE802.3at standard and is also compatible to use with any IEEE802.3af standard equipments, such as wireless APs, network camera, VoIP phone, base stations, and other high power Ethernet terminals.


PK-POS401GR-OT is designed for outdoor using. It works with input voltage of 100-240Vac and operates under -40℃ to 65℃. It has detection chip inside, which will detect and classify PD before powering it. It will not provide power until a standard-compliant PD is detected.The effective distance is 100 meters over Cat5e/Cat6 cables. It is specially suitable for working in complex power situations. It is easy to install with installation kit PK-POT-MBK, no need to open the equipment.



      Schematic Diagram


      - IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
      - IEEE802.3u 100Base-Tx Fast Ethernet
      - IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
      - Compliant with IEEE802.3af/at
      - RoHS Compliance
      - WEEE Compliance
      - Protection Level: IP67, IEC60529, NEMA 250

      Input & Output
      - Input :100-240Vac 2A 50Hz 60Hz
      - Output: 55Vdc 550mA (Per Port)
      - Power Output Pins: 3/6(+), 1/2(-)
      - Data Speed: 10/100/1000Mbps

      Working Environment
      - Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 65℃
      - Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%, non-condensation
      - Storage Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
      - Storage Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensation
      - Operating Altitude: up to 5000 meters

      AC Surge Protection
      - Common mode surge protection(10/700us): 6KV
      - Differential mode surge protection (10/700us): 1.5KV

      PoE Surge Protection
      - Protected line: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
      - Common mode surge protection(10/700us): 6KV
      - Differential mode surge protection (10/700us): 1.5KV

      Mechanical Characteristics
      - Case: Metal
      - Color: White
      - Mounting: Wall-mounted/Pole-mounted
      - IP Rated: IP67
      - Size: 176mm X 269mm X 65mm
      - Weight: 1.8kg

      Safety Approvals
      - IP67

      - FCC CFR47 Part 15, EN55024, EN55032

      - IEC61000-4-2(ESD) ± 6kV(contact), ±8kV(air)
      - IEC61000-4-3(RS) 10V/m(80MHz~2GHz)
      - IEC61000-4-4(EFT) Power Port: ±2kV; Data Port:±1kV
      - IEC61000-4-5(Surge) Power Port:±1kV/DM, ±2kV/CM
      - IEC61000-4-6(CS) 10V(150kHz~80MHz)

      - IEC60068-2-6(Vibration)
      - IEC60068-2-27(Impact)
      - IEC60068-2-32(Free Fall)

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