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adaptor PKC12V5A4channel CCTV Power Adaptor DC 12V 5A 60W,4channel,overload protecton,CE FCC RoHS ce
Boost Converter BC001 Boost Converter BC001 can adjust the DC voltace.
Video anti-interference device AID002 Mainly solve:strong electrical interference.frequency shift type.
POE ACCESSORY simple combiner PC001 PoE simple combiner PC001
POE ACCESSORY combiner pc002 metal case 10/100M IEEE802.3af PoE combiner pc002,DC48V out
POE ACCESSORY splitter PS007 metal case 10/100M IEEE802.3af PoE Splitter PS007,DC5V12Vout
POE ACCESSORY Rainproof combiner-splitter PS005 Rainproof PoE combiner-Splitter PS005
POE ACCESSORY splitter PS003 One Channel 10/100M IEEE802.3af PoE Splitter PS003
POE ACCESSORY splitter PS001 One Channel 10/100M IEEE802.3af PoE Splitter PS001
POE ACCESSORY splitter combiner PCS003 POE ACCESSORY splitter combiner PCS003,Gigabit
POE ACCESSORY splitter combiner PCS002 POE ACCESSORY POE combiner-splitter PCS002
POE ACCESSORY splitter combiner PCS001 POE ACCESSORY POE combiner-splitter PCS001
POE ACCESSORY splitter combiner PSC001 POE ACCESSORY splitter combiner PSC001,10 / 100Mbps,
POE2018-16P POE2018-16P,16 ports
POE1009-8P POE1009-8P,8 ports
POE1005-4P POE1005-4P,4 ports,with power adapter,
solar power light PK-SPL1544 PK-SPL1544 is a professional new energy solar power light
solar power light PK-SPL1524 PK-SPL1524 is a professional new energy solar power light
Integrated Distribution Box PK1218-30A power supplies box:DC 12V 30A 18 channel,lower temperature
Passive one-way video balun PKVB-CTA1 Passive one-way CVI/TVI/AHD video balun PKVB-CTA1
LED ARRAY IR ILLUMINATOR LAII-100AD angle adjustable focus,100 meter
Camera power adapter PKA12V1A USA wallmout Camera power adapter PKA12V1A USA wallmout
Camera power adapter PKA12V2A USA wallmout Camera power adapter PKA12V2A USA wallmout
Integrated Distribution Box PKD1218-20A power supplies box:DC 12V 20A 18 channel,lower temperature
EUROPE adaptor PKC12V1A CCTV power adaptor DC 12V 1A 12W,EUROPE round plug,CE RoHS FCC certificates
CCTV BRACKET PKB601Y Bracket:Beige,28cm metal
CCTV backup power supply PKB1209-10A DC12V10A120W,9 channel backup power supply
USA CCTV power adaptor DC12V 1A PKA12V1A CCTV power adaptor DC 12V 1A 12W,USA plug,CE RoHS FCC certificates
USA AC plug power adaptor PKC12V1A CCTV Adaptor DC12V 1A 12W USA plug CE&RoHS&FCC certificates
adaptor PK12V1A03 adaptor PK12V1A03 DC12V 1A CCTV power adaptor with led indicator
DC 12V 20A 16 channel 1.5U RACK MOUNT POUWER SUPPLY PK1216-20A-1.5U DC 12V 20A 18 channel 240W 1.2U RACKMOUNT POUWER SUPPLY,CE RoHS FCC certifi
powered Microphone sound pickup powered Microphone sound pickup
Integrated Distribution Box PK1218-20A Integrated PTC CCTV power supplies box:DC 12V 20A 18 channel,lower temperat
adaptor PKC12V5A CCTV Power Adaptor DC 12V 5A 60W,regulated,overload protecton,CE FCC RoHS c
adaptor PKC12V3A DC 12V 3A 36W regulated CCTV power adaptor with CE RoHS FCC certificates
adaptor PKC12V1A Adaptor DC12V1A12W regulated,overload protecton,CE FCC RoHS,UK plug
CCTV outdoor adaptor PK12V2AB-OUTDOOR Outdoor rainproof CCTV power adaptor DC 12V 2A 12W,plastic shell.
SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY PKS12V10A regulated power supply DC12V 10A 120W,overload protection,metal shell.
DC LINE SPLITTER 1to4 DC LINE SPLITTER 1 to 4,1 female to 4 male,5.5*2.1MM,can ued for 4 cameras.
DC connector PKDCC01 DC connector Male 5.5*2.1MM PKDCC01,2 screw terminal for input.
DC power supply PK1209-10A Integrated DC PTC fuse 12V 10A 9 channel power supply box
PTC AC power supply PK2409-5A Integrated PTC AC 24V 5A 9 channel distribution power supplies box
POWERKING INT'L TECHNOLOGY(HK)CO.,LIMITED(SHENZHEN SAIWEILI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD) is a Chinese leading  power supplies and CCTV products manufacturer, we also design and distribut various security surveillance products. Our products include CCTV power supplies, POE(Power Over Ethernet),Solar Power light,cable, DC connector, BNC connector, cameras, monitors, alarm, access control,  equipment, intelligent transportation, DVR, VGA card, optical transmission. We try to meet our customers ' requirement  in quality.

Our products are in accordance with related  safety testing standards, in compliance with CE, RoHS, CCC (3C certification), UL (United States),  TUV (Europe), T-MARK (Japan), GS, CSA and CEMC security norms, etc. . 
Our products are sold to the Americas,  Europe,  Africa,  the Middle East, South Asia,  East Asia and China. 

Our products are mainly used for households, factories, banks, business, entertainment, parking, garden,transportation needs, etc. .

CCTV power supply,supplies

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of various CCTV products.
cctv power supply Survey, your advise is very important for us, welcome your valued suggestions.
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